Samsung galaxy watch 4 (classic, 46mm) vs Huawei watch GT2

In this post I'd to share a quick overview of the difference (from a practical viewpoint and hands on experience).

Battery life

This one is already clear from the specifications, the battery life of the Huawei is claerly superior from the samsung. The Huawei easily goes by 8 days (in my experience 2 weeks). The samsung, 2 days tops... . The GT2 wins this one hands down

Size/wear comfort

Both smartwatches are easi to wear. although the samsung is thicker and feels heavier thand the GT2

Use and UX

The samsung smartwatch is easier to use. The rotating bezel is a big advantage here. Although it is important to note that the GT3 has a similar rotating button.

In terms of screen usage, the samsung also has the upper hands by better registering touch ineractions on the screen and by better thinking about the layout of the apps/tiles/... . But it's important to note that the GT2 shows in most cases more information "on screen" wherelease you need to open the app on the smartphone more for the samsung.

A special category goes to the watch faces. The app store is'nt foreseen on easily searching for watch faces and most of the ones you can find have "premium" options for a lot of things. The GT2's watchfaces have often less options but are easier to find and clutter your phone less.


no discussion needed, the GT2  doesn't support any real apps and the GT3 only has a limited set of apps: samsung wins this one hads down


although the samsung has more sensors it needs to be said that the continous measuring of the heartrate and spo2 are marketing terms. where you get a clear view of your heartrate on the GT2 (minute by minute), you only get hourly averages on your samsung.

the same can be said for the spo2 where a continous spo2 monitoring is only availible while sleeping (note: GT2 doesn't measure this continously)

The winner here is the GT2


Overall I would say that it's a pitty that huawei is hindered by trade embargo's because they have some interesting points over the samsung galaxy watch. The battery life is certainly one

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27 Feb 2022 - admin
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