Nordval dc101

I would not recommend the nordval dc101. First and for all, the nordvall fals apart after only 5 months of usage. But apart from that there are multpple issues;

The cable to connect the nordvall to you power outlet is at the top of the device... just where the suction cap is also situated so both are in constant conflict and the cables comes over the screen

The buttons aren't clear at all and to change settings you need to connect the cam to your phone wia some kind of obscure application. But it takes 15minutes and 20 prayers to (maybe) get your phone connected at all... let alone get a movie off the dashcam

Picture quality is bad... not bad but real bad

And I can go on for a bit...

add_circleprice (if it's in sale)
remove_circlewifi connects more not than it does
remove_circlecable placing is a hell
remove_circlefalls apart after 5 months

06 Jul 2022 - Jan -
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