Welcom to the tool to calculate your maximal heart rate. The tool will also give you an insight in the different heartrate zones that you can follow while excercing.
Note however that this tool has been created with information form the internet and is thus not, nor should it be used as a medical calculation. Please take contact with your MD to have a result for your specific situation.

What is described? Lower bound rate Upper bound rate
Maximal heart rate 220
This is the very low intensity zone. Training at this intensity will boost your recovery and get you ready to train in the higher zones. 110 132
<b>fat burning</b><br/> Exercising in heart rate zone 2 feels light and you should be able to go on for a long time at this intensity. This is the zone that improves your general endurance and you'll start burning fat in this zone. 132 154
<b>aerobic</b><br/>Working out in heart rate zone 3 is especially effective for improving the efficiency of blood circulation. It helps you to work on your aerobic/fitness skills 154 176
<b>anaerobic</b><br/>If you train at this intensity, you’ll improve your speed and endurance. 176 198
Heart rate zone 5 is your maximal effort. Your heart and your blood and respiratory system will be working at their maximal capacity. This it o work more on the power of your capabilities than the speed or duration. 198 220
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